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03 November 2009 @ 05:19 am

A random Junpei I found.

Back home.
Gotta tell you, for it being my first con.
I was bored by day two.

If not for the guests panels being kind of spread out, i'd probably not of stuck around.

To be honest, the only issues I had were: the bad combination of B.O./"The Game" [which was obnoxious just so you know]/How certain panels were placed beside other things [MST4K was right next door to the rave, so much for enjoying a movie]/ and people for reasons quite beyond me after for the most part of everyone just getting over a huge epidemic known as H1N1 -still- asking for hugs and wanting to make bodily contact..why? Well I guess outside of that, things weren't too bad.

Though I do know I'll never be going if someone else is willing to pay my way again. He didn't even want to bother to hang with me, and most of the time probably kept trying to creep the abridged crews. Why? I don't know. I just know I kept getting text's about it.

So to littlekuriboh, I apologize in advance for his behavior if it was awkward. Guilt by association I suppose. I just know he's not the world's most nicest guy to talk to if you want to skip the obnoxious behavior

Also to, somatosensation and on_a_corndog: I wish we had got to hang out more. I hope you both feel better soon. I totally forgot to bring my medical terminology book. Then again, with my hotel being an hour away from the con and I know everyone had their own agenda, I really just decided against it in the end.

...though I can't shake off that feeling that for the hour I spent in the dealers room browsing with when gifts were bought for the guys..it almost feels stalker/creeper'ish of me to tag along.

Though that's just me and my paranoia I suppose.

All that's left for me to do now is hunt down people who kept snapping photo's of me in my on again off again Yukari/Anzu cosplay [Lots of the shots I had others take of me with my camera I don't have the bow on or you cant see the sash, lol]

My stomach hurts =/

Now all that's left, is my wait for the woman to call me back about my new work schedule.

Yay work.
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