One of the "Open web awards" is nominating my towns newspaper for "Best online newspaper" What did the New Yorker not have one? Go ahead and vote for it [Toledo Blade] Oh! Vote for littlekuriboh too! His youtube channel (CardgamesFTW) is up for nomination. As is Doug's (That guy with the glasses) for his skit with Nostalgia Critic.

Hold on, let me shamlessly plug both things so you can go see the sites themselves.

Talk about random though, I'll give 'em that.

I didn't even know until recently that there was such a thing as: "Open web awards"

How does one go about accepting the award anyway?

It doesn't strike me as some sort of a "come together fancy gathering" (All the nominees are here) (you can vote here)

[Just gotta log into Twitter and/or Facebook]

Thanks for anyone that votes! :]
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Epic Fail!


A random Junpei I found.

Back home.
Gotta tell you, for it being my first con.
I was bored by day two.

If not for the guests panels being kind of spread out, i'd probably not of stuck around.

To be honest, the only issues I had were: the bad combination of B.O./"The Game" [which was obnoxious just so you know]/How certain panels were placed beside other things [MST4K was right next door to the rave, so much for enjoying a movie]/ and people for reasons quite beyond me after for the most part of everyone just getting over a huge epidemic known as H1N1 -still- asking for hugs and wanting to make bodily contact..why? Well I guess outside of that, things weren't too bad.

Though I do know I'll never be going if someone else is willing to pay my way again. He didn't even want to bother to hang with me, and most of the time probably kept trying to creep the abridged crews. Why? I don't know. I just know I kept getting text's about it.

So to littlekuriboh, I apologize in advance for his behavior if it was awkward. Guilt by association I suppose. I just know he's not the world's most nicest guy to talk to if you want to skip the obnoxious behavior

Also to, somatosensation and on_a_corndog: I wish we had got to hang out more. I hope you both feel better soon. I totally forgot to bring my medical terminology book. Then again, with my hotel being an hour away from the con and I know everyone had their own agenda, I really just decided against it in the end.

...though I can't shake off that feeling that for the hour I spent in the dealers room browsing with when gifts were bought for the almost feels stalker/creeper'ish of me to tag along.

Though that's just me and my paranoia I suppose.

All that's left for me to do now is hunt down people who kept snapping photo's of me in my on again off again Yukari/Anzu cosplay [Lots of the shots I had others take of me with my camera I don't have the bow on or you cant see the sash, lol]

My stomach hurts =/

Now all that's left, is my wait for the woman to call me back about my new work schedule.

Yay work.
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Glee ♥


I dislike knowing I've got no choice but to try and put myself on a legit sleep schedule. I mean, it's all for sake of the con this weekend but man. Turns out the hotel I'll be at is an hour from the con itself via walking. Which truth be told, is no big deal. I'll leave a bit early if it means getting to things on time to enjoy myself. I doubt i'll be sleeping much either. The only thing I regret is not having more money to buy odds and ends if i'd want them.

For reasons beyond me lately i've been experiencing heat flashes. Mainly only at night. I know, I don't get it either. Also, what is it that people cant seem to comprehend that if we're no longer friends or in a relationship together it's probably for good reason. A good enough reason that you shouldn't come trying to creep me on facebook or myspace due to your lack of having nothing better to do.

Ugh -o-'

I'm sad no Glee's on tomorrow ;o;

...And my fiance's in the other room at 5:30 in the morning doing dishes jaming out to Kelly Clarkson and Backstreet Boys.

Should I be concerned? o_o
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The world

(no subject)

So i've been seeing someone on FB keep posting make up tutorials that are all the rage from youtube. Now mind you,i watch them. Never follow. I'm more the type to prefer experimenting on my own. That way if it looks awful, i only have myself to blame. So I decided that after the previous picture of my boyfriend and I, with our failed photo-op, I'd take some images of my own. I thought these weren't nearly as blurred; and figured you guys would like to see one.

Cute yes?

So I wish this week would be more busy.

I have my grandma's surprise party tomorrow, the con on friday til sunday.

Outside of that?

I've got nothin'.

Today's thrill the world right? Man I wish I could of went to the event somehow! -jealous-


I've been meaning to put this out there for the longest, and i'm tired of hiding it.

The mere thought of shipping DBZ and Sailor Moon sickens me.

I mean, sure the cheap hentai that was made between the two was hilarious and all.. (Yes I did unfortunately see it; against my better judgement I might add.) Though, so far as I'm concerned; it was only made as hentai for a reason.

Or so I would hope.


Glee as usual was amazing.

I'm in love all over again.

Is the con really that close already?

Everything's finally set in stone and done, god it makes me so glad to know.

Now all I need to do is get over my fear of being anything but anti-social and being in large groups in less than a week..

Wish me luck 8D
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Anyone going to YoumaCon who can provide for a cute lil' stow-a-way?
I mean, I'm travel sized so you can stuff me in the trunk if you wanna.
..I just REALLY wanna go to a con, and I'm thinking this one's pretty cheap.
Plus it's like, right above me - so it's not like it'd be going out of your way to get me

I'm worth it ;o;

I also re-did my layout.
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Insert for the day.

[I feel| Displeased.]
[I'm listening to| Silence.]

Is it just me, or have cosplayer's stopped trying any more?
The majority don't even look pretty..nevermind the epic failure that is costume making.

Also, to hell with this Twilight crap. Twatlight, Twitlight, ...whatever you call it. I don't know about kids these days, I really don't. Back in my day we only had ANNE RICE. Though apparently if a vampire sparkles and is slightly good looking to the untrained eye, it's DEFINITELY more appealing that any other vampire novel eveeeeer made.


That's it, all I had to ask/complain aloud.
Going to school now.

[I feel| Peaceful]
[I'm Jamming to| Hot n Cold by Katy Perry]

Here, have your stupid once a month update people!
Juuuust kidding.

Life life life, it's going a little better than what I re-read in my last post. I stopped talking to the guy I mentioned, and even managed to have a nice sit down about how i've been feelin' with EmJay the last time he was up here. So yes, it's all coming back to me.

I actually quit speaking to the majority of my friends too, just because I've come to find i'm better off. Things never seem to happen to my liking and only do happen when they feel they've got nothing better to do. If that's what friends are then I don't need any enemies. S'long as I got a Ps2, Job, and a loving boyfriend? I'm all set.

Enough about that! I saw something rather disturbing on the news last night that just goes to show they REALLY must be itching for better stories.. it's so bad; I felt like sharing with all of you 8)

Okay so get this, a local man was found near a nearby elementary school having sex with his patio table. Not on it, with it. I don't think my jaw was ever at a drop for that long before in my life. I mean sure, we've all got odd fetishes [2girls1cup anyone?] but.. come on..of all the electional debates occuring and even trouble overseas.. you wanna focus on something like that for local news? Jesus.

Before I forget:

Did I mention I finally bought the first DVD to Wallflower? Totally stoked; so far anyone whose come over i've forced them to watch it. Mwa-ha-ha-ha-ha.

Anyway, that's about all for now kids.

Tune in next time; same journal same person.